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zones (Table)

Zones are determined by a page and position on the page.

Applies To

AdServer Database


Parameter Name Description
zone_id A Long unique zone autonumber
page_id A Long variable containing page number
page_position_id A Long variable containing page position number
zone_code_name A Text variable containing zone code name
zone_name A Text variable containing zone name
zone_master_zones_active A Boolean variable determining if campaigns from master zones will be viewed also in the zone
writer_id A Long variable containing writer
write_dt A Date variable containing date of write
change_dt A Date variable containing date of change


Zone is unique advertising space in the structure of the pages.

Zone code name parameter contains zone name writed without spaces and in lower case convention. It is a symbolic zone name used for example in banner retrieving.

If zone_master_zones_active parameter is -1 (True), then campaigns from master zones having camp_sub_zones_active parameter set to -1 (True) will be viewed also on the zone.  If the parameter contains 0 (False), then campaigns from upper zones will not be viewed on the zones and it's sub zones.

Campaigns are targeted to the zones. Relationship is defined through zone_id parameter.


Following example shows default zone definition:

Parameter Name Default Value
zone_id 0
page_id 0
page_position_id 1
zone_code_name "default_page_header"
zone_name "Default page - Header"
zone_master_zones_active -1
writer_id -2
write_dt Now()
change_dt Null

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