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Power Ad Banner Manager 1.2 version 1.0 installation is done by executing adsvr10.exe downloaded from internet. This setup file uncompressed all files needed by system and will guide you through whole installation process.

In the installation Step 3 system required entering of your name, company and serial number. If you are registered user and you have valid serial number, enter the number here to AdServer work as Full Version service.  Enter default serial number 0000-1234567-0000000 to install as AdWare Version. For difference between AdWare Version and Full Version click here. For information about ordering Full Version click here.

Last step of the installation process contains dialog with "Finish instalation" button. Press the button and wait for showing of a advaced installation dialog box. The dialog box contains these controls:

Database Connection String Enter valid path to AdServer.mdb database. Use of a predefined path is strongly recommended.
Database Provider In version 1.0 use only "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0" as database provider.
Image Source Contains valid URL to web, from whitch images (banners) comes.
WWW directory Enter path to AdServer WWW directory
Log directory Enter path to log directory
Log enabled Check the button if you need to enable writing of a log files

Stop service during installation process

World Wide Web Publishing Service Stops W3SVC Service (Internet Information Server) if checked.
Power Ad Banner Manager 1.2 Stops Power Ad Banner Manager 1.2 if checked.

Enter valid data and then press "Install" button.

Press "Cancel" button to quit advanced setup. It is possible that in this case system will not run correctly.

Installation will:

- write entered data into system registry
- stop W3SVC Service if checked
- stop Power Ad Banner Manager 1.2 if checked
- copy and install AdServer Service into destination directory
- back up AdServer Database files
- copy new version of the AdServer Database files
- copy help files
- copy and register AdLib library
- copy AdClient.dll and AdStat.dll files into WWW directory
- restart Power Ad Banner Manager 1.2 if checked
- restart W3SVC Service if checked
- removing temporary files and directories

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Troubleshooting installation process

Manual installation

All services needs to be installed correctly to behave like a services. If some errors interupts installation process and service was copied, but not installed, than AdServer service installation can be finished by executing following command from Power Ad Banner Manager 1.2 directory:

AdServer.exe -Service

Note: Services Manager window must be closed while installation process running. In other case the service will be locked.

Repeated installation

In some cases installation process can fail through some error or exception handling. It's recommended to run whole installation process again.

Manual registration

If AdLib.dll library was copied, but not registered, than AdLib.dll registration can be done by following command executing from directory, where AdLib.dll is found:

regsvr32.exe AdLib.dll

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Installation Files

File Description
AdServer.exe Power Ad Banner Manager 1.2 1.0
AdLib.dll ATL COM component library file used for banner retrieving (AdClient Object) and remote server administration (AdServer Object)
AdSvrMgr.exe Power Ad Banner Manager 1.2 1.0 Manager
AdServer.mdb AdServer Database File
AdServer.mde AdServer Database Application
AdClient.dll AdClient ISAPI DLL for powerfull banner retrieving
AdStat.dll AdStat ISAPI DLL for statistic's data collecting

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