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banner_types (Table)

Banner type values determine what kind of a banner will be retrieved.

Applies To

AdServer Database


Parameter Name Description
banner_type_id A Long unique banner type autonumber
banner_type_name A Text variable containing banner type name
banner_type_width An Integer variable containing banner type width
banner_type_height An Integer variable containing banner type height
writer_id A Long variable containing writer
write_dt A Date variable containing date of write
change_dt A Date variable containing date of change


Banner type values depends on pages tree structure and page positions.
For entered page positions should be defined corresponding banner types.

If there is a page position with width parameter 468 and height parameter 60 and there are more than one banner types for one advertiser, system will choose the banner type, whitch corresponding through width and height parameters to the page position width and height parameters. If the corresponding width / height pair will not founded in banner types, default banner of the specified width and height will be sended.


Banner types can be: "Half banner 234 x 60", "Square banner 125 x 125",...
Following example shows default banner type definition:

Parameter Name Default Value
banner_id 0
banner_type_id 1
banner_flag_id 2
banner_name "Default banner"
banner_image_url "http://x.kde.cz/ban/test/_468_60.gif"
banner_redir_url "http://ad.kde.cz/default.asp?Bust1={Rnd}&Bust2={Counter}"
banner_html "<A HREF=http://ad.kde.cz/default.asp?Bust1={Rnd}&Bust2={Counter} TARGET=\"_top\"><IMG BORDER=0 SRC=http://x.kde.cz/ban/test/_468_60.gif width=468 height=60 alt=\"default banner 0\"></A>"
writer_id -2
write_dt Now()
change_dt Null

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