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Default Banner Definitions

Pages can be organized in hierarchical pages tree structure, where some pages can be "parents" of other pages. Pages higher in tree structure are called master ("parent") pages; pages lower in tree structure are called "child" pages.

There are set of page positions defined for every page. For entered page positions should be defined corresponding banner types. A logical relationship between page position and banner type is made by equality of a width / height parameter pair.

Page and page position creates together unique advertising zone. If pages are organized in hierarchical tree structure, then zones are indirectly through page_id parameter organized to the tree structure too. There is one zone tree for each page position.

One default banner can be manually defined for each zone, or user can define default banners for default page and all page positions to send the default banners in situations, when none other banner was selected from set of banners.

Default banners are defined for:

· lowest page_id value in pages table (predefined page_id=0; page_code_name='default_page')

· zone_id values in zones table, corresponding to the page_id value (predefined zone_id=0; zone_code_name='default_page_header')

· camp_id values in campaigns table, corresponding to the zone_id values (predefined camp_id=0; zone_id=0, ad_id=0, camp_desc='Default Campaign - Header')

· object_id and banner_id pair from banner_weights table for object_type_id=3, corresponding to the order_id value from the campaigns table above (predefined order_id=0; order_name='Default order' and banner_id=0; banner_name='Default Banner')

If default campaign has checked camp_sub_zones_active checkbox (corresponding to setting camp_sub_zones_active column value to -1), then campaign will valid for all sub zones too. If the checkbox isn't checked (corresponding to setting camp_sub_zones_active column value to 0), then campaign will valid only for entered zone, specified by zone_id parameter.

Default campaign is always defined as Free campaign type to use 100% of remaining advertising time.


Following example shows default campaign definition:

Parameter Name Default value
camp_id 0
zone_id 0
order_id 0
camp_type_id 50
camp_sub_zones_active -1
camp_from_dt Null
camp_to_dt Null
camp_from_tm Null
camp_to_tm Null
camp_weekday Null
camp_client_max_count Null
camp_client_period_count Null
camp_client_period_time Null
camp_impr_count 0
camp_priority Null
camp_desc ""
writer_id -2
write_dt Now()
change_dt Null

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