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AdServer Database Application

AdServer Database Application (AdServer.mde file) was created to use together with AdServer Database Data (AdServer.mdb file). All data from AdServer.mdb file are linked to AdServer.mde file to friendly administrate the data. There are set of a forms prepared for entering data and statistical feedback for selected data.


advertisers, banners, campaigns, orders, pages, zones

Menu commands

Database Window, Exit, Init Campaign Zones, Init Pages Tree, Refresh Links, Reinit Server Data, Remove Unused Items

Toolbar commands

Reinitializes all server data, recalcs campaign_zones and pages_tree tables and uploads all data into server memory.
Inserts new advertiser into the advertisers table.
Looking for an advertiser through form selection.
Lists all advertisers from the advertisers table.
Inserts new banner into the banners table.
Looking for a banner through form selection.
Lists all banners from the banners table.
Inserts new campaign into the campaigns table.
Looking for a campaign through form selection.
Lists all campaigns from the campaigns table.
Inserts new order into orders table.
Looking for a order through form selection.
Lists all orders from the orders table.
Inserts new page into the pages table.
Looking for a page through form selection.
Lists all pages from the pages table.
Inserts new zone into the zones table.
Looking for a zone through form selection.
Lists all zones from the zones table.

See Also

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