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AdClient ISAPI DLL is targeted for powerfull banner retrieving and external banner retrieving.


AdClient.dll?GetBanner?PageId=n&PagePositionId=n&ContextType=html | iframe | javascript | js | image | redir&Target=string
AdClient.dll?GetBannerPageCodeName?PageCodeName=string&PagePositionId=n&ContextType=html | iframe | javascript | js | image | redir&Target=string
AdClient.dll?GetBannerEx?ZoneCodeName=string&ContextType=html | iframe | javascript | js | image | redir&Target=string


GetBanner Retrieves banner HTML code using PageId and PagePositionId parameters.
GetBannerPageCodeName Retrieves banner HTML code using PageCodeName and PagePositionId parameters.
GetBannerEx Retrieves banner HTML code using ZoneCodeName parameter.


PageId A Long value containing page number.
PagePositionId A Long value containing page position number.
ContextType A Text parameter containing one of the following values:
html HTML code format
iframe iframe format containing <HTML> and <BODY> tags
javascript javascript format containing document.write code sequence
js short name version of javascript ContextType
image returns binary data of the picture
redir redirects to specified URL
Target A Text value containing target parameter
PageCodeName A Text value containing page code name
ZoneCodeName A Text value containing zone code name


AdClient.dll library is placed into root of a advertising web. If the library is cached in an internet server memory, then is needed to stop the server before copy new version of the ISAPI DLL. Otherwise AdClient.dll stay locked and copying of the new version will unpossible.

GetBannerEx command is strongly recommended way how to use AdClient.dll, because the version contains only one textual parameter ZoneCodeName, whitch unique determines advertising zone. Zone code name parameter contains zone name writed without spaces and in lower case convention and represents fastest method to retrieve banner HTML code.

Target parameter is optional parameter containing target of <A HREF=...> tags. If the parametr was set within a calling AdClient.dll and there is at least one <A HREF=...> tag in a HTML code containing  target parameter, then the parameter will be replaced by the one, entering from AdClient.dll calling. If there isn't any target parameter inside <A HREF=...> tag, system inserts the parameter from AdClient.dll calling and it's value into <A HREF=...> tag.


<SCRIPT SRC=http://ad.kde.cz/AdClient.dll?GetBannerEx?ZoneCodeName=default_page_header&ContextType=js&Target=_top>
<IFRAME WIDTH=468 HEIGHT=60 MARGINWIDTH=0 MARGINHEIGHT=0 SCROLLING=no BORDER=0 FRAMEBORDER=no SRC=http://ad.kde.cz/AdClient.dll?GetBannerEx?ZoneCodeName=default_page_header&ContextType=iframe&Target=_top>
<A HREF=http://ad.kde.cz/AdClient.dll?GetBannerEx?ZoneCodeName=default_page_header&ContextType=redir&Target=_top>
<IMG SRC=http://ad.kde.cz/AdClient.dll?GetBannerEx?ZoneCodeName=default_page_header&ContextType=image&Target=_top></A>

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